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Cascade - why our pools are the best available!

Free heat?

Cascade pools are engineered specifically to retain the free heat from the sun (that other pools waste)

Makes cascade the warmest pool available!

No other pool company does what we do!

Cascade Swimming Pools in NZ


  • Thick 90mm blocks of insulation
  • 30% styrobeck 70% recycled refrigeration foam
  • Keeps the free heat from sunlight in your pool!
  • The warmest pools on the block!
  • Warmer than all the others!
Inground Swimming Pools in New Zealand


  • Prozone units are imported from the usa
  • The prozone product kills 100% of all known pathogens (bacteria & germs) Including cryptosporidium and giardia (chlorine doesn't)
  • Pool water so clear and safe - like the tap water you drink!
  • At only 65% efficiency, magnesium/sodium salt or chlorine systems struggle
  • You can rest assured your family will be protected with prozone!
Cascade Swimming Pools in New Zealand

  • Cascade promotes less chlorine in your pool
  • 95% chlorine-free swimming as much as possible!
  • No more stinging eyes
  • No more chlorine produced smell
  • No more chlorine allergies
  • No more faded swimming togs
  • No more dangerous chemicals stored
  • No more trips to the pool shop
Concrete Swimming Pools in New Zealand

Not only keep the heat in the pool, but the infrared heat rays from the sun penetrate through to heat the top layer of your cascade pool!

Lower heating costs, happier children, happy families!

Solar Heated Swimming Pools in New Zealand

  • By abgal industries australia
  • the best finish available for your kids:
  • smooth, non-slip and durable!
  • Great colour range

  • The amazing aquagenie skimmer system.....
  • The aquagenie combined with prozone activated sterile oxygen system
  • This combination is streets ahead of our competition
  • Complete fresh water circulation is our goal - and aquagenie does it!
Above Ground Swimming Pools in New Zealand

  • Long lasting swimming pools!
  • Low maintenance and decades between upgrades!
  • Lifetime expectancy of 50 years on the pool structure concrete pools certainly last the distance!
  • Using prefabricated concrete formers cuts installation times down to days .... Not weeks, or even months in some cases!
  • That's why we call this our "ultimate" pool range!
Swimming Pool Installation in New Zealand


We will sent you a nice colour picture book of our pools.

Tell us what you want, we'll make it!

  • Your shape
  • Your size
  • Your colour
  • Your budget

Our amazing aqualux waterproof interiors give you decades of use and unlike other pool types, can be replaced in one or two days (in 30 years time!)

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Swimming Pool Builders in New Zealand

What's the bottom line?

  • The bottom line is this:
  • We are an established family business with history that stretches back to the 1970's.
  • We build very nice pools for very nice families.
  • We care about the environment and use recycled materials where possible.
  • We care about your wellbeing, so we don't use much chlorine or other pool chemicals.
  • We like saving you money, so the pools are insulated with 90mm of recycled refrigeration foam.
  • The aqualux interiors have proved over 47 years to be the best pool interior available.
  • We do all of this for a similar cost to an imported fibreglass pool.
  • we are the best
  • so why wouldn't you buy a cascade pool?
  • CASCADE has built more than 8,600 pools for fortunate New Zealand Families since 1971
  • more than 48 years!

Freshwater Swimming Pool in New Zealand

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